Content Media, Online Media, Social Media and Multimedia. I am wading through vast swathes of information both on and offline. I have needed to learn new skills and digest new information since leaving my Graphic Design course. No matter how much I learn, I am still a beginner. And every day of learning brings with it more information and more learning. So how do I avail myself of learning opportunities, yet not allow myself to get swamped in a universe contained within one small computer screen? The sun is (sort of) shining outside, my dog needs walking and I require a second cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Balancing the inside and the outside worlds is a unique and necessary art. That’s why I am a Graphic Designer and Artist in my inside world, and a Dog Walker in my outside one.

While the  Design income and jobs are not yet rolling in, I have found a steely resolve inside myself that tells me to declare myself, no matter what. And always keep learning. So I am now venturing into the world of Word Press as a way to conquer that skill. And every day, I share my designs on Social Media, just so people know I am there. Sharing content daily has brought me some inquisitive people on Social Media, asking if I can illustrate, make an artwork for them, or learn Word Press. The nascent stirrings of something that has not yet become solid, but one day I hope it does. That’s me, for now. Check out  Steph Poleson Website